Zelalem Teka Law Office

The Challenge

Zelalem Teka is a sole practitioner attorney at law based in Addis Abeba. His practice is focused exclusively on business law, family law, tax law–and he was able to narrow his ideal type of client to business owners and investors. The main challenge was to help him stand out from the pack from the very competitive law industry in the eyes of his potential clients.

The Goal

  • Improve Credibility: Zelalem wanted to look better than his competition and stand out to his target market.
  • Spur Growth: Zelalem wanted to grow his practice and capture new or better customers within his targeted.
  • Increase conversion: He wanted his new website help him convert site visitors into clients.

The process

Our process first defined zelalem Teka’s target audience, he mainly wanted to attract business. He believed his expertise in business law will allow him to provide his best for his clients. 

  • Create Target Persona:- We first created a brief target persona( target audience ) profile and list out their challenges, goals when hiring a lawyer. 
  • Wireframe and design:- After finishing creating a target persona, we went to sketch and laid out the blueprint of the website. 
  • SEO: Defining the most valuable areas he would like to target for SEO.

What we did?

Building Credibility

From our research, We found out a couple of things that help lawyers become credible in the eyes of a potential client. Things like the number of cases won, the number of clients served, the amount of money won in a settlement.

So we made sure to communicate these stats to a potential client that visits his website. And made sure the potential client won’t miss these stats by adding attention callers ( User Experience ) when they scroll to the section.

Persuade Visitors

The main goal of his new website is to help him attract new clients. To help him achieve this goal, we designed his website to effectively communicate with his website visitor. From our research, the potential client wanted lawyers who have track records of winning cases, years of experience, creativity, and have expertise in their industry.

We have addressed all the things potential clients want from their lawyers. Like their lawyers being responsive and update them about their case progress and more.

SEO Foundation

We also laid out an SEO foundation to help him be found for specific search queries made by a potential client. We list out keywords like”lawyers in Ethiopia”, “business lawyers” and many more.

After finishing listing keyword research, we have optimized all pages to be SEO-friendly by adding page titles, meta descriptions, meta tag optimization to contents. We focused on business lawyers since zelalem ideal potential clients he wanted to attract were business.

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