We trashed the old - Redesign Project

Adready Plc

The Challenge

Adready approached our digital marketing agency for a modern look and feel for their website. Their old website lacked consistency and tailored content. Adready was also looking to stand out from the competition and focus on brand new website that will help them capture business online. 

The Goal

  • Increase their brand awarness: Adredy’s team wanted to look better than their competition and stand out withing their target market.
  • Capture leads: Adready’s leaders wanted to grow their business and capture new leads within their targeted audience..
  • Create fresh new look for their website: They previously had created a website DIY and wanted to replace it with something more polished. 

The process

The first thing we did was to try to understand who’s adready target audiences are and then figure out how best we can communicate with them.

  • Design:- Going into the project Adready’s team provided us with logos and essentials that will go in the design. Taking all these elements we have combined all of them cohesively into a beautiful and functional modern website. 
  • SEO:- Helping Adready look better was important, but improving their SEO to spur growth for their business practice was also critical. We also made sure that us redesigning their website won’t affect their current SEO ranking. 

What we did?

The Landing page

To help inspire people to take action on the website, we did engineer their website with an attractive visual and concise copy. In the intro section, we’ve shared what the company’s about and scrolling down people can see what they are selling. we’ve also tried to draw their visitor’s eye with bold and large illustrations. 

Adready’s target audience is business owners, and we know business is about numbers. So we did dedicate a section to share some of the company’s achievements for their clients. To make sure their user won’t scroll pass by this section, we used a big illustration of a group of people holding a banner of Adready’s achievement to make sure their site visitor won’t miss it.

In the end, we added a call to action to have site visitor send them messages. 


On their about us page, we have tried selling the company by sharing their story. How they become into existence and their challenges along the way.

We know the second most visited page on the website quite often is the about us page. On this page, we’ve written a copy that sells the company as being the leading expert in their field. We’ve also shared a couple of list of their clients to communicate to the site visitor that they can handle their project too.

Hundred percent Mobile Responsiveness

We understood that it’s important to create a mobile responsive website for Adready to help them engage with their clients browsing on mobile. So we did create a responsive website with a look and feel that users are familiar with on the desktop.


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