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  1. to put a soul on a craft and exceed the impossible.

Aligoo is a Digital Marketing Agency. result dirven agency  helping business win. 

How would you like to double your sales the next couple months? Skyrocket your revenue, and grow your business 150% year by year

Are you business owner? Looking to scale and grow your biz

if not please bounce but if you’re you might want to stick around for this one because i think you might be interested in what i’m about to tell you.

Do you know that Victoria’s Secret generates $8 billion in revenue per year?

I bet you didn’t know, me first time reading this wonder how the hell did they achieve that! how’s it possible to keep growing like this? How do they stay on top of their game? if you’re wondering the same thing too, let me share the simple two words with you. What they say have got them this result?_

It’s “digital marketing”.

Ehmm…… Yeah! 🤔

Here’s proof!

A strong digital marketing strategies and online presence makes about the company’s 20% of its total revenue. In 2016 alone, Victoria’s Secret amassed an incredible $1.582 billion dollars in online sales.

It’s insane right?

In 1977, Victoria Secrete was only a small business at Palo Alto, California, selling women’s underwear shop that was targeted at men.

Be it whether your small or big business owner at Ethiopia or other parts of the world, you don’t need to be 30+ year old to grow as Victoria Secrete.

You can use the same deadly weapon”powerful digital marketing strategies” that Victoria Secrete did to grow their business and go global.

And we can help you get there, at the peak of the mountain where you want to be. Because we know how to deliver revenue-shifting results through digital marketing.

Growing a business requires a huge commitment and dedication.  Only if your committed business owner with burning desire to grow your business. Click the button below or give us a ring on: +251910584712

Daniel Aregawi

Daniel Aregawi | Founder of Aligoo

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Make Your Marketing budget work for you


Targeted Marketing


We will help you create and reach out to
“only” targetted audience you want to reach via social media and google ads. Saving your business a fortune that was getting wasted on people who don’t care about your business. 


Lead Generation

We will set you up with an effective lead generating system on your website to get you countless(10,20, or 100plus) people every month begging for you to respond to them.



We help you set up an automated system that nurtures your leads for you, making your website run like a well oiled sales machine.



We increase the amount of visitors that turn into buyers by implementing propriety tactics that help our client’s double or even triple their sales

Grow Exponentially!

Scaling your business is hard. It takes a lot of efforts and a lot of hassel. If you’re struggling to grow your business, there is light at the end of the tunnel. Sure, it’s hard. But we want to be there to help you make it easier for your business. We will help you get more eye balls on your brand, generate countless lead every month and increase revenue. Here’s How

Why Work With US?

At aligoo first, we’ll make sure we get to know you and your customers. That’s right! Because we understand that to drive sales for your business we must first mine valuable data on your target market, and find ways to reach them when they’re at their most motivated. That way we make sure we’ll not throw away your hard-earned money targeting people who won’t make you a penny. Our sole focus is to deliver digital marketing strategies that translate into a serious revenue for your business. While other agencies promise results in the form of clicks and traffic, we’re only interested in the results you really want – the ones you can take to the bank. Once we finish learning all there is about your customer, we will set you up with a great game plan guaranteed to crush your competition and win. But that’s not all. We’ll also make sure you’re set up with a system that delivers a reliable, consistent flow of leads and sales each month so you can spend less time working in the business and focus on working on the business.

And last but not least, we serve insanely delicious cookies 🍪 on each of our client meetings. Trust me you don’t want to miss it!😋 

Rewarding Marketing channels to invest in and win during COIVD-19


Is your business hit hard by the pandemic? if so heres marketing channels to help you market your business and thrive during ghe pandemic. Download it now before this page comes down or your competitors get their hands on it.

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