Thriving during the pandemic with online delivery service

Oroscopo Pizzeria

The Challenge

Oroscopo Pizzeria is one of the oldest restaurants in Addis Abeba and the first place to serve Pizza in Ethiopia. The restaurant manager Samuel wanted to tap into a new target demographic, young habesha between their 20-30 so they can enjoy their Oroscopo’s finest pizza. And since the coronavirus pandemic has hit their family-owned business he wanted a website that will allow them offer a deliver service to their customers dining at home.

The Goal

  • Responsive Website: To create responsive website that will allow people to easily view and navigate oroscopo’s menu and make order via mobile device.
  • Increase delivery order: Oroscopo’s manager also wanted to improve the number of delivery request they were getting every week.  
  • Help them Stand Out: Samuel also added that their business would love for a chance to stand out from the competition.
    And asked us to design their website in a way that is different from the competition. 
oroscopo website design by aligoo

The process

We first learned all the things we can about the family-owned restaurant that operated since 1960’s. Learned and wrote down all the history and message they wanted to communicate.

  • Created a Target Persona:- After our conversion with samuel. We created a brief target persona( target audience ) profile and list out their challenges, goals when it comes to finding best restaurant in Addis Abeba.
  • Wireframe and design:- After finishing creating target persona, we went to sketch and laid out the blueprint of the website.
  • Implementation:- In this stage of the process. We’ve brought the blueprint of the website to life.

What we did?

Shared their story

In the intro section, we used a bold headline “we serve a divine test” to build a great impression. We all love to have a bite of something delicious and we made sure to effectively communicate what the target audience’s deepest desire. In a way that it captures their attention. 

In the following section, we shared the owner’s story, who is adored by his employees and send a message to new potential customers that they will be treated as a family too. 

Amazing User Experience

One of the coolest part of the website is the rotating dishes as people scroll down to the menu section. Once people reach the menu section viewport they won’t be interrupted by this experience.


We added this user experience to help improve site visitor experience which leads to more stay duration on the website which equals higher ranking. 

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