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 Seya Ethiopia Tour 

The Challenge

Seya Ethiopia reached out to me first over a phone call, and he said ” I want a brand new website and advice on what to do for my social media pages”. And then we set up meeting to discuss what challenges he’s facing and how we can help me out. He wanted a website because he have been getting a lot of calls on his personal phone from customer who want’s him to guide them during their travel. He wanted a website so people can schedule and book a trip with him and block out time that he isn’t available to ride with customers. 

And he wanted a strong social media presence where he can connect with his fans and inspire others to travel and be able to help those who can’t travel by sharing on his social media page. 

The Goal

  • Booking Feature: He wanted a website that can allow him to give his customer an easy way to book with him for travel. 
  • Improve engagement with fans: Seya wanted to engage with his fans and share what he loved to do on his social media page. 
  • Attract new travelers:- He was looking for to help and travel with as many as new travelers from Ethiopia and around the world.

The process

Before kick-starting the project, we’ve grabbed a coffee to discuss what he specifically was looking to achieve and listed carefully. 

  • Listened:- Yes! right? We listened to what he was looking for achieve the next couple of months. And identified how we can help him. 
  • Team talk:- After taking all the information in, me and my team decided to help him design brand new website and offered him a 2 month social media marketing offer.
  • Craft Social Media Strategy:- We’ve crafted a strategy that will allow him to gain more followers on facebook and Telegram. 
  • Created Content & Distribution:- Once we finished putting up a plan of attack, we started creating content for social media posts and content that will go in his website too. 

What we did?

Increase the Number of follower by 100%

When we first take over seya ethiopia’s facebook page, he only had 80 page likes. Only two months after, he’s page follower grow to 825 Likes. Part of our plan was to increase the number of followers meaning increasing his reach and gain new fans with every likes. And engage with this new fans and eventually travel with him. 

By crafting relevant posts and sharing posts on social media groups we were able to help his number of followers – all organic without having to spend an ad dollar. 

Increase the number of booking

After the launch of his website, we created an ecosystem where his online channels of work together to help him achieve his goals. Yeah! 

The main goal of his digital marketing effort is to get new booking from people who would love to travel with him. So what we did was use the social media page to drive traffic to his website and have these people book in travel with him. 


Engagement with his fan

To help seya socia media pages grow, we’ve setup content calendar with fresh content. We careful choose the type of content that will actually help him engage with his target audience. 

By creating contents like Questionnaire, Inspiring travel quotes ( weekly content ) fun posts to engage with his fans. And by regularly post by being responsive to inquires by new customers on messenger. The result was we’re able to reach over 700,00K people, and 500,00K engagement and 5 minute less respone time. 


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